We’re All Bats presents a special programme of events for the whole borough of Waltham Forest, inviting all ages to rediscover the art of Listening.

When was the last time you just stopped and listened? In our busy lives, it is easy to take listening for granted but We’re All Bats are trying to change that. Through a series of creative workshops, activities and special events, We’re All Bats invite you to rediscover and reimagine what it means to listen and hear the world around you.

Inspired by bats and the way in which they use sound to find their way around the world, this project helps us to try and do the same. Highlights include exploring the borough through music events, walks guided by sound and underwater music at a swimming pool. You will also be able to create sound with synthesizer and instrument-making workshops or experience sound differently with an audio massage.

The programme is curated by Joel Cahen who runs Newtoy, an art organisation presenting events that aim to invoke curiosity and discourse. Through a wide range of events and activities, Newtoy invites you to experience the world differently.